Seventeen-year-old Rafaela Bastos of Niterói, Brazil, saw coverage of NASA’s Rover Challenge in the U.S. and never looked back. Like all rookie contestants from around the world, she needed to recruit a team at her high school, Colegio Santa Terezinha,

Boeing has unveiled concepts for a Deep Space Gateway and transport systems that would help achieve NASA’s goal to establish robust human space exploration to the moon and Mars. It could be in place by the early 2020s. The Gateway

President Trump signed the $19.5 billion NASA Transition Authorization Act Tuesday – the first reauthorization of NASA programs since 2010. During the signing at the White House, President Trump called for continued support of the Commercial Crew Program, which includes

Boeing welders complete weld processing inside the massive liquid hydrogen tank for NASA’s Space Launch System at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans. Once a tank is assembled on the Vertical Assembly Center (VAC), there are holes left from

Boeing teams are moving quickly through production and integration of the Space Launch System core stages, getting ready to ship test hardware while manufacturing the structures that will fly to the moon and back again in 2018– after a 45-year

NASA and Boeing recently hosted more than 150 media and social media outlets at the New Orleans Space Launch System factory, the Michoud Assembly Facility, to showcase the capabilities in work today – and on the planning board – for

The USS Enterprise from “Star Trek” and Millennium Falcon from “Star Wars” met their real-life match at San Diego’s Comic-Con International convention. Thousands of comic and pop culture fans had the opportunity to talk with Boeing experts about the real

Space Camp is a fond memory for thousands of people around the world. For others, like Boeing intern Kelly Mathesius, it’s a way of life. A senior at MIT in aerospace engineering, she’s a nine-time space camp attendee, not counting

Air enthusiasts from around the world convene at an airfield in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this week to share their enthusiasm for all things aerospace – including human space exploration. Boeing, a prime sponsor for the event, will showcase not only aircraft,

NASA’s Mars rocket, the Space Launch System, soared through another successful test this week with the test fire of a booster that will help to propel the rocket past Earth’s gravitational force. It was the second and final test-firing of