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Stephen Colbert suits up, Starliner-style

On Friday, Feb. 24, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert combined one-liners and Boeing’s Starliner as Colbert tried to demonstrate that he had “the right stuff” to command Boeing’s Starliner capsule to space.

The comedian and show host tried on the newly unveiled Starliner spacesuit during a recent visit to Boeing’s Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing Facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

“How does it feel to be the first honorary Starliner astronaut?” Colbert said. “I’ve made it. This is what all this comedy work has been leading up to.”

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On Jan. 25, Boeing revealed the new CST-100 Starliner spacesuit that will be worn by all astronauts who travel to low-Earth orbit destinations aboard Boeing’s Crew Space Transportation vehicle. The Starliner is being developed in collaboration with NASA’s Commercial Crew Program and is on contract to fly two test flights and six missions to the International Space Station, beginning next year.