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Rockets at #OSH16

Air enthusiasts from around the world convene at an airfield in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this week to share their enthusiasm for all things aerospace – including human space exploration. Boeing, a prime sponsor for the event, will showcase not only aircraft, but spacecraft, including the Space Launch System, hosting experts and astronauts.

“Aviation enthusiasts are naturally excited about rockets because it’s all about the magic of flight. We just have bigger engines for our rockets,” said Jacqueline Nesselroad, Boeing Director of Operations, responsible for building the rocket for NASA in New Orleans, La. She’ll be a keynote speaker during the event this week.

Follow the fun on Twitter this week at #OSH16 and here at Beyond Earth.

Fun fact: At liftoff for Mars missions, the Space Launch System will have 9.2 million pounds of thrust, more than 34 times the total thrust of a Boeing 747 jet.