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NASA Showcases #PathToMars Tech

NASA and Boeing recently hosted more than 150 media and social media outlets at the New Orleans Space Launch System factory, the Michoud Assembly Facility, to showcase the capabilities in work today – and on the planning board – for landing boots on Mars.

“Our work on the massive Space Launch System (SLS) core stages is a great backdrop to the event because it demonstrates that we’re well on our way, building flight hardware today for the first mission in 2018,” said Matt Duggan, Boeing space architect.

Duggan and others greeted visitors with information about every part of the journey because Boeing has brought its 100 years of aerospace experience to bear across the capability spectrum, from near-Earth International Space Station and Starliner, to SLS and Mars exploration habitats.

“Our path to Mars plan outlines an affordable, sustainable explanation architecture that will enable year over year progress within NASA’s budget,” said Duggan.

New Orleans, LA – NASA Social invited social and traditional media to explore the different sciences and teams working towards NASA’s goal of putting humans on Mars. The event was held at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans where the SLS Core Stage is currently under construction.