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NASA Authorization Bill Signed into Law

President Trump signed the $19.5 billion NASA Transition Authorization Act Tuesday – the first reauthorization of NASA programs since 2010.

During the signing at the White House, President Trump called for continued support of the Commercial Crew Program, which includes Boeing’s Starliner, and support for NASA’s deep space exploration missions, including the Space Launch System (SLS) and Orion programs. SLS will be the largest, most powerful rocket ever built, and will take humans farther into space than ever before.

Trump said that the signing of the act signified “a bold and bright new future for American spaceflight.”

Acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot released a statement, expressing gratitude “for the longstanding support and trust of the American people, which enables our nation’s space, aeronautics, science, and technology development programs to thrive. Our workforce has proven time and again that it can meet any challenge, and the continuing support for NASA ensures our nation’s space program will remain the world’s leader in pioneering new frontiers in exploration, innovation, and scientific achievement.”

The journey Beyond Earth continues, all systems go.