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National Security

National Security

Since the dawn of the Space Age, the world has benefited from the transfer of NASA ingenuity into the marketplace. Spinoffs are the product of NASA technology development, partnerships, research, patent licenses, waivers and facility use.

NASA Technology > Bioterrorism Alert System

Leveraging their remote sensing, data acquisition, simulation and scientific visualization technologies, NASA partnered with PureSense to help monitor our air and water systems and alert for contamination. The team effort resulted in a real-time infrastructure that detects critical changes in air and water quality. The revolutionary monitoring system has been integrated in both commercial and municipal markets and provides an online, cost-effective platform to ensure the quality of vital resources.

Astronomy > Nuclear Weapons Screening

Astronomers at Goddard Space Flight Center developed the Burst Alert Telescope (BAT) to study black hole and neutron star collisions. Recognizing the benefits of detection techniques in homeland security applications, scientists created a prototype sensor that identifies the presence of nuclear materials concealed in shipping containers.