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Heart Health

Heart Health

Since the dawn of the Space Age, the world has benefited from the transfer of NASA ingenuity into the marketplace. Spinoffs are the product of NASA technology development, partnerships, research, patent licenses, waivers and facility use.

Apollo Program > Programmable Pacemaker

NASA communication technologies developed during the Apollo era were applied to the Programalith, an advanced programmable pacemaker with adjustable settings. Developed by Pacesetter Systems, Inc., the device provided physicians a two-way communication system to evaluate the effectiveness of a pacemaker and make corrections if necessary.

Rocket Fluid Flow Models > DeBakey Heart Pump

NASA computer experts used blood flow simulation models to make heart pump design improvements—the same process used to evaluate the fluid flow of rockets. Recommendations led to the development of a miniature, heart assist pump that corrected for clotting and cellular destruction. It provides a functional bridge for patients waiting for a donor and can be monitored or controlled externally.

Remote Ozone Monitoring > Laser Heart Surgery

The Dymer200+ ExcimerLaser Angioplasty System provides patients a non-surgical alternative to traditional bypass surgery. The cool laser technology opens clogged arteries in a minimally invasive procedure. The excimer laser technology was developed by scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to monitor ozone depletion in the Earth’s atmosphere.